Magnolia – arent they stunning!

Magnolia kobus

MAGNOLIA KOBUS- stunning white flowers on bare branches- slightly scented too.

Magnolia Galaxy

MAGNOLIA GALAXY- very dark buds, and opening to dark pink. Must say at the moment it looks very like Magnolia Spectrum too.

Magnolia dendudata

MAGNOLIA DENUDATA- masses of white goblet shaped flowers- reliably flowers at a young age.

MAGNOLIA CAMPBELLII – these flowers are enormous- the size of dinner plates!My father bought this 30 years ago- as a pink form , and waited 25 years for it to flower- and when it did- it was white!! Bit long to take it back- however it is stunning- can be seen from half a mile away- its tree size. I have bought him a pink campbellii- Charles Raffell- so hope he sees it flower…!!


Everything is bursting into life!

Dicentra spectabilis - Bleeding Heart.

Fritillaria meleagris – beautiful checkered lanterns.

Magnolia campbellii - this is a stunning tree- it took 25 years to flower, and each flower is the size of a dinner plate!

Spring Flowers- Hellebore and Pieris

Isnt Spring wonderful- eveything is bursting into bloom and buds are beginning to open. Hellebores are looking amazing, and the Pieris are opening- masses of tiny flowers- They can be white, pink or dark pink.

Spring flowers

Hepatica nobilis - love this- always flowers just after the snowdrops have started. Delicate blue flowers. Hardy.

Our first frogs spawn